Siemens liefert Gasturbinen in Wert von 100 Mio. € nach Südkurdistan

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Siemens liefert Gasturbinen in Wert von 100 Mio. € nach Südkurdistan

from Kudo21 on 09/16/2012 12:06 AM

Siemens liefert Gasturbinen zur Erzeugung von Strom, in Höhe von 100 Millionen €. Ca. 25% des Bedarfs an Elektrizität sollen somit in der Autonomen Region Kurdistan gedeckt werden.

Siemens receives order from Iraq for power plant components

Siemens will supply Khormala gas turbine power plant in northern Iraq with four SGT5-2000E gas turbines and four SGen5-100A generators along with the associated auxiliary and ancillary systems.


The customer is the KAR Construction and Engineering Company Ltd., which is erecting the Khormala plant for the independent power producer KAR Group headquartered in the city of Erbil.

Commissioning is scheduled for 2013. The order value for Siemens is over EUR100m.

The four-unit Khormala gas turbine power plant is located 25 kilometers south of Erbil, the region's capital, which falls under the administrative authority of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

With an installed electrical generating capacity of 640 megawatts (MW), this is the first major power plant project for the KAR Group, who will also operate the facility. Plant output is enough to meet roughly one quarter of the region's power demand, delivering electricity to over four million people.

The Siemens Energy Sector is the world's leading supplier of a complete spectrum of products, services and solutions for power generation in thermal power plants and using renewables, power transmission in grids and for the extraction, processing and transport of oil and gas.

In fiscal 2011 (ended September 30), the Energy Sector had revenues of EUR24.9bn and received new orders totaling approximately EUR31.8bn and posted a profit of EUR3.9bn. On October 1, 2011, the Energy Sector had a work force of more than 82,000.



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Re: Siemens liefert Gasturbinen in Wert von 100 Mio. € nach Südkurdistan

from Azadiyakurdistan on 09/16/2012 09:56 PM

Ich habe mal gelesen, dass Süd-Kurdistan zurzeit ca 2263 MW erzeugt. Die Region Kurdistan muss immer mehr und schnell Strom produzieren weil sich die Städte sehr schnell entwickeln und viele Leute dahin ziehen. Allein für Unterkunft braucht Kurdistan jedes Jahr 14.000 neue Wohnungen.

Silav û Rêz


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